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Broad-based skills in communication are needed in every workplace. Studying communication will benefit your career regardless of your major. Pursing a Communication Minor is a great way to incorporate these sought-after skills with your major area of study.

Communication minors can be declared by any academic advisor at Ohio State. Students interested in pursuing a Communication Minor are welcome to meet with an academic advisor in the School of Communication to talk more about the minor requirements.

Please note: Minor program forms are not required for any communication minor. Completion of the minor is verified using the Degree Audit.

The School of Communication offers five focuses for Communication Minors plus the interdisciplinary Media Production and Analysis Minor. Minor sheets are available below:

Communication Minor : Semesters

Communication Technology Minor : Semesters

Health, Environment, Risk, & Science Communication : Semesters

Media and Society Minor : Semesters

Media Production and Analysis Minor  : Semesters

Organizational Communication Minor : Semesters