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Michael Huge
Michael Huge
Research Associate


B.S., Ohio University (2001)
M.A., Ohio State University (2004)

Quick Introduction:

Public opinion, political communication, and social influence.


Michael is a research associate with the School of Communication, specializing in public opinion and the role that media play in shaping public perceptions of people, policy, and social issues. His work has been pulished in several top-tier research journals, including Communication Research, Public Opinion Quarterly, and the Journal of Communication.

Selected Publications:

Glynn, C. J., Huge, M. E., & Hoffman, L. H. (2012). All the news that's fit to post: A profile of news use on social networking sites. Computers in Human Behavior, 28(1), 113-119.

Huge, M., & Glynn, C. J. (2010). Hostile Media and the Campaign Trail: Perceived Media Bias in the Race for Governor. Journal of Communication, 60(1), 165-U237.

Huge, M., & Bing, J. W. (2010). Process in Action Learning Teams: Similarities and Variations.

Glynn, C. J., Lunney, C. A., & Huge, M. E. (2009). The polls – trends: Public perceptions of the U.S. residential housing market before, during and after the housing bubble (1990-2009). Public Opinion Quarterly, 73(4), 807-832.

Glynn, C. J., Huge, M. E., & Lunney, C. A. (2009). The Influence of Perceived Social Norms on College Students' Intention to Vote. Political Communication, 26(1), 48-64.

Glynn, C. J., Huge, M., Reineke, J. B., Hardy, B. W., & Shanahan, J. (2007). When Oprah intervenes: Political correlates of daytime talk show viewing. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 51(2), 228-244.

Glynn, C. J., & Huge, M. E. (2007). Opinions as norms - Applying a return potential model to the study of communication behaviors. Communication Research, 34(5), 548-568.

Hoffman, L. H., Glynn, C. J., Huge, M. E., Sietman, R. B., & Thomson, T. (2007). The role of communication in public opinion processes: Understanding the impacts of intrapersonal, media, and social filters. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 19(3), 287-312.

Hayes, A. F., Scheufele, D. A., & Huge, M. E. (2006). Nonparticipation as self-censorship: Publicly observable political activity in a polarized opinion climate. Political Behavior, 28(3), 259-283.

Huge, M., Glynn, C. J., & Jeong, I. (2006). A relationship-based approach to understanding third-person perceptions. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 83(3), 530-546.

Nisbet, M. C., & Huge, M. (2006). Attention cycles and frames in the plant biotechnology debate - Managing power and participation through the press/policy connection. Harvard International Journal of Press-Politics, 11(2), 3-40.


Public Opinion, Political Communication