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Zheng Joyce Wang
Zheng Joyce Wang
Associate Professor
(614) 247-8031
(614) 292-2055
School of Communication
The Ohio State University
154 North Oval Mall
Columbus, OH 43210-1339


Ph.D., Communication & Cognitive Science (double-major), Indiana University-Bloomington, 2007
B.S., Journalism & Communication, China Youth University for Political Sciences, Beijing, 2001

Research Interests:

I study emotion and motivation in mediated information processing, and how they are related to cognition (e.g., attention, memory, perceived reality and risk, attitude, and decision making) and choice behavior (e.g., media use, substance use). I am most interested in developing dynamic models to explain their mutual influences. I test these models using real time laboratory data (e.g., cardiac-somatic coupling, skin conductance, eye movement) as well as real world data (e. g., experience sampling). This work helps create more effective communication messages, and also helps explain and predict how we interact with and adapt to our continuously changing information environment—in short time but also in the long run.

In addition, I am interested in applications of quantum theory to social and behavioral sciences. I explore how we can build quantum dynamic model to understand some paradoxical cognitive phenomena that have resisted explanations using classic probability theory. Currently I am serving as the Action Editor and preparing for a special issue of Topics in Cognitive Science on quantum probability models of cognition (coming soon in 2013).

Quick Introduction:

Emotion and cognition during message processing and media choice behavior; reciprocal dynamics of media use behavior and media effects on emotion and cognition; psychophysiology and dynamic modeling methods; quantum information processing and decision making.


Recent awards:

ScienceDirect Top 25 hottest article in Journal of Mathematical Psychology (Continuously ranked every quarter, 2006-2013)

Most Cited Article in the Past Five Years (2009-2014), Journal of Mathematical Psychology

Most Cited Article in the Past Five Years (2006-2011), Journal of Mathematical Psychology

Top Faculty Paper Award, International Communication Association, Communication and Technology, 2013

Top Paper Award, National Communication Association, Human Communication and Technology, 2012

Top Paper Award, International Communication Association, Information System, 2008

Current Research Grants

PI, NSF, “Quantum Decision Theory” (SES 1153846), $50,000 in total, 2012-2014

PI, the OSU site, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), “Applications of Quantum Probability Theory to Dynamic Decision Making” (FA9550-12-1-0397), $607,712 in total, 2012-2015

PI, NSF, “Quantum Information Processing” (SES 0818277), $450,000 in total, 2009-2012

Read More about My Research and the CAP Lab

Welcome to visit our Communication and Psychophysiology (CAP) Lab webpage: the new site is coming soon, but here are a few pictures and paper fulltext to download [The DoCC website]

Also I'm affiliated with the Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences [the CCBS] and the Decision initiative [Decision]