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Colloquium Schedule

Spring 2015

Jan. 12: Job Talk

Jan. 19: No class (MLK Day)

Jan. 26: "Planning a Class Session"

Kristie Sigler, Persuasive Communication Lecturer & Course Supervisor

Feb. 2: "Modeling Interactions between Task Characteristics and Cognition during Media Multitasking"

Cody Cooper, doctoral student

Feb. 9: Q & A Session with GSC

Feb. 16: "By OPTIONAL you mean UNNECESSARY right?:  Moving beyond yes-no question in HPV vaccine parental decision-making"

Phokeng Dailey, doctoral student

Feb. 23: "Reality Immersion as a Method for Generating Ideas in Media Effects Research."

Dr. Jan Van den Bulck

March 2: "Towards a Better Understanding of How We Relate to Media:  An Active Audience Perspective."

Adam Bogert, doctoral student

March 9: "The Impact of Television Exposure on Children's Theory of Mind and Executive Function."

Patrick Fries, doctoral student

March 16: No class (Spring Break)

March 23: "From Body Image to Bedtime Stories: Exploraing the Effects of Narratives on Healthy Behaviors"

Melissa Kaminski, doctoral student

March 30: "Developing a Model of the Ironic Processing of Political Evasiveness."

David Clementson, doctoral student

April 6: "Media effects and environmental risks: How affect, narratives, and documentaries influence beliefs and attidtueds about controversial issues"

Kathryn Cooper, doctoral student

April 13: "Understanding Motivated Circumvention of Censorship"

Golnoosh Behrouzian, doctoral student

April 20: "Messages Influencing Altruistic Prosocial Behaviors."

Melissa Abo, doctoral student

April 27: "Comprehending Relational Maintenance"

Courtney Anderegg, doctoral student

Autumn 2014

Sept. 8:  Library and Literature Search Resources for Communication Science

Including "Tips and Tricks for the Versed Academic"

Graham Walden, Communication Librarian

Sept. 15:  cancelled

Sept. 22:  C-REP, TESoC, MTURK

Aysenur Dal, PhD Student

Dr. R. Kelly Garrett, School of Communication

Ted Dickinson, Adam Bogert, PhD Students

Sept. 29:  cancelled

Oct. 6:  Computerized Data Collection Software

Qualtrics Introduction and Workshop presented by Kathryn Cooper, PhD student

jspsych and psiturk presented by Cody Cooper, PhD student

Oct. 13:  Introduction to Searching and Applying for Funding and Fellowship Opportunities

Jeff Agnoli, Education, Funding and Research Development, Office of the Vice President for Research

Oct. 20:  Navigating and Obtaining IRB Approval at OSU in the Behavioral & Social Sciences

Joni Barnard, Quality Improvement Specialist, Office of Responsible Research Practices

Oct. 27: Job Talk

Nov. 3:  Teaching Workshop-extended session 11:30am-1:30pm

Michael Hanus, PhD Student, School of Communication

Nov. 10:  Job Talk

Nov. 17: Job Talk

Nov. 24:  Workshop: Increasing Diversity Awareness and Skills to Resolve and Avoid Conflict/Misunderstanding in an Academic Setting

Jasmine Mickey, Multicultural Center at OSU

Dec. 1: Dr. Cornelia Mothes, post-doc, School of Communication

Dec. 8:  Developing Good Writing Approaches and Habits

Christopher Manion, Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing