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Colloquium Schedule

Spring 2014

Jan. 6:  No Colloquium (University closed due to weather)

Jan. 13:  Dr. R. Kelly Garrett and Dr. Brad Bushman

"Time-sharing Experiments for the School of Communication (TESoC)"

Sean Garguilo

"C-REP Information Session"

Jan. 20: No Colloquium (Dr. Martin Luther King Day observed)

Jan. 27:  Kristie Sigler, Bethany Barker, and UCAT

"Teaching PSB: UCAT grant-funded GTA training program"

Feb. 3:

Hyunjin Song-"How communication network informs our understandings of political behavior"

Mao Vang-"Stereotypes and group categorization:  Perceptions of race in new media"

Feb. 10:

Bridget Potocki-"Interpersonal Discussion:  Motivation and Messages."

Michael Hanus-"Choice, Customization, and Reactance:  How Interactive Media Influences Resistance to Persuasion."

Feb. 17:

Wai Yen Tang-"Bro, cool, it's just a game, don't take it personally."

Morgan Schunn-"Message processing: Emotional frame, thought confidence, and norms."

Feb. 24:

Young Shin Lim-"Evaluating the Wisdom of Strangers: Social Media and Persuasion."

Emma Fete-"The intercultural media experience: Cosmopolitanism and media selection of international and domestic media."

March 3: 

Tiffany White-"Getting underneath the skin: Colorism discussions in online forums."

Bethany Barker-"Music in the message: Cognitive processing of music in mediated messages."

March 10: No Colloquium (Spring Break)

March 17: Dr. Andy Merolla, Baldwin Wallace University Department of Communication Arts & Sciences

"The Role of Hope in Conflict Management and Relational Maintenance."

March 24: Dr. R. Kelly Garrett

March 31:

Stefanie Best- "STI Testing Norms in College Students."

Matthew Irwin-"Managing limited resources and attention in an information-rich world."

April 7: Ted Dickinson-"You Got Coffee In My Racing Game:  Four Studies of Product Placement in Video Games."

April 14:

Aysenur Dal-"#MenaceToSociety: Social Media and Democratic Citizenship within a Censored Information Environment."

Angela Palmer-Wackerly-"Shhh! We Shouldn’t Talk about That: The Role of Self-Disclosure in Taboo, Chronic Health Conditions."

April 21:  Ine Beyens, Visiting Scholar, KU Leuven-"Is television a parent's best friend?  Why parents use television in parenting their young children."


Autumn 2013

Aug. 26: Dr. Sabine Trepte, Professor, University of Hohenheim

"How National Identity Influences Knowledge Building:  A Social Identity Approach."

Sept. 2:  No Colloquium (Labor Day)

Sept. 9:  Dr. Shu-Fang Lin

"Interacting with Media Characters:  Enjoyment, Identification, and Vicarious Interaction."

Sept. 16:  Dr. Rick Busselle, Visiting Associate Professor, Bowling Green State University

"Narrative Persuasion and the Relation Between Un-Realism as Counterarguing."

Sept. 23:  Professional Development Workshop

Sept. 30:  Sophie Boerman, PhD candidate, University of Amsterdam

"This Program Contains Product Placement:  Effects of Disclosing Sponsored Television Content."

Oct. 7:  No Colloquium

Oct. 14:  Margaret Rooney, PhD candidate

Teaching Workshop

Oct. 21:  Eddie Brumelman, PhD candidate, Universiteit Utrecht

"On feeding those hungry for praise:  How does praise affect children with low self-esteem?"

Oct. 28: Dr. Nancy Rhodes, Dr. Jesse Fox, Dr. Brad Bushman, Dr. R. Kelly Garrett

"Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask:  A roundtable discussion on research, teaching, and the academic job market."

Nov. 4:  No Colloquium-moved to Wednesday, Nov. 13th for Job Talk

Nov. 11:  No Colloquium (Veterans' Day)

Nov. 13: Job Talk (Wednesday)

Nov. 18:  Job Talk

Nov. 25: Job Talk

Dec. 2:  Job Talk